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s10世界总决赛比赛下注平台:China has launched the countrys first embedded neural network processing unit (NPU), marking one more major breakthrough in the countrys NPU research and development.近日,我国公布了国内首款嵌入式神经网络处理器(NPU),标志着我国在NPU领域的研究和研发上又获得了一项重大突破。The VC0758 NPU, developed by Chinas leading video technology supplier Vimicro, is based on a data-driven parallel computing model, which can greatly improve the smart chips computational ability, said Zhang Yundong, executive director of the Vimicro State Key Laboratory on digital multimedia chip technology.中星微“数字多媒体芯片技术”国家重点实验室继续执行主任张韵东回应,VC0758型号的NPU是由国内领先的视频技术供应商中星微电子基于数据驱动并行计算架构研发的。这种架构能极大地提高智能芯片的运算能力。

Vimicro announced that it has realized mass production of the VC0758 NPU after five years of research, suggesting that China is now one of the countries with the most advanced artificial intellectual technology, according China National Radio (CNR).根据中央人民广播电台报导,中星微电子有限公司日前宣告,在五年的研究之后,已构建VC0758型号的NPU的量产。此外,该公司指出我国现在早已是世界上人工智能技术最先进设备的国家之一。Zhang added that the chip is especially skilled in processing multimedia data such as videos and images. Its capabilities will especially be brought into full play when it is used for embedded computer vision applications, CNR reported.张韵东主任补足说,该芯片特别是在擅长处置视频和图像类数据。中央人民广播电台报导称之为,这一能力,特别是在是充分发挥时,将不会在嵌入式机器视觉应用于中发挥作用。

The CNR noted that the smart chip will give a major boost to improvement for Chinas video surveillance industry and can help the country to establish a leading position in the world.中央人民广播电台认为,智能芯片将推展中国视频监控行业的发展,并且可以协助我国奠定在世界上的领先地位。According to China Central Television, the VC0758 will be widely employed in drone, intelligent drive assistance systems or in the field of robot vision.中央电视台声称,VC0758将被广泛应用到无人机、智能驾驶辅助系统或机器视觉领域。:s10世界总决赛比赛下注平台。